Matagorda Regional Medical Center

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Create a marketing campaign that doesn’t look like a sterile hospital Matagorda Regional Medical Center in Bay City, Texas needed marketing that showed the warmth and friendliness the staff felt and gave to patients everyday. At the time, hospital marketing was all about doctors in white coats- quite sterile.  The agency met with the people who worked in the hospital and uncovered it wasn’t the kind of hospital that just made people well; it was the kind of hospital whose employees cared each and everyday to make Matagorda County a more healthy place.  The hospital was more about the nurses, aids, volunteers and administration because the people who worked at the hospital lived in the same community where the patients live.

Tastylia Supplier Solution
The agency developed the “You Matter, We Care” campaign, which showcased many, many hospital employees and what they did each and everyday to make residents of Matagorda County healthier. The campaign went into detail about different departments available at the hospital and provided literature to be handed out to patients.  Billboards didn’t just show doctors, they showed local kiddos with broken arms, nurses with new babies, and radiology technicians making patients feel comfortable while getting routine testing.  The campaign has successfully warmed the image of the hospital and made the need to go out of town for hospital services occur less.