Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Brand a community, create a personality Victoria, Texas had a lot going for it- a symphony, ballet, tons of museums, a zoo, great nearby fishing and one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. But no one knew. Research showed, few people in Texas even really knew where Victoria was located. The agency was challenged to come up with a personality for the community and a marketing program that would make Victoria stand out, cause a little fuss and get Victoria on the map more than ever. Solution
Bring Your Boots! The agency developed a fully integrated marketing campaign throughout the State of Texas branding Victoria, Texas as a place all Texans could visit in a pair of boots. The idea was you didn’t have to wear cowboy boots, any kind would work, because the town had a lot to do, but it wasn’t too fancy for the visitor to wear their favorite pair of boots. The campaign showcased places all over town and which boots could be worn for the adventure.