Cuero Chamber of Commerce

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Rebrand a small community that was used to a lot of turkey talk Cuero, Texas is a small community with a lot of potential for business and commerce. The local high school football team was successful for years winning the state championship for years. The high school’s mascot is a turkey, a gobbler to be exact. Although the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture & Visitor’s Center was happy to be part of the gobbler experience, the organization wanted a brand that signified what all people doing business in Cuero could own.

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The agency developed a new logo, branding package and marketing campaign incorporating the agriculture side of the business in Cuero, the beauty of the community and the characters and history Cuero lives everyday. The result was a new tagline “Enjoy the Story” because the community was so full of life, the marketing needed to become the vehicle to start telling the stories, historical and current, of Cuero. The result was a campaign that showed there was much, much more to Cuero than a bunch of turkeys.